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💻📻💉📈 Proximity-driven epidemic over bluetooth
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Microbit-epidemic: Documentation

Documentation is split into these parts:-

  • Introduction - a brief overview of what this project is about.

  • Hardware Guide - regarding the hardware, assembly, and any particular experiences with it.

  • Preparation - basically about getting the software onto the microbits, and getting serial numbers and ids sorted out.

  • The User Guide - how to run micro:bit epidemic games in the wild.

  • The Implementation - how it all works, including the message protocols over the serial port, and the simple micro:bit radio.

  • The Compilation Guide - The micro:bit code is written in C, the management interface is in Python, the slideshow, sticker printer, and multi-flashing tool are in Java, and the network graph is generated in R. Compilation details are in here, if you want to change the code, or understand (or suggest improvements) on how I did things.

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