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icetotgd: Convert icetv's guide to Topfield TGD format.
* Running
To run, at the command line:
% python
This will create a TGD file for every day of data. These TGD files
can then be uploaded to the Topfield (e.g. via Altair or Topfield ftpd)
and used by EPGupload or JustEPG.
* Source code
Source code is available on where
it can be downloaded (in .tar.gz or .zip format) or cloned (with git)
which I suggest you do if you want to muck around and submit patches.
You can run the unit tests directly
% python
or with nosetests
% nosetests
* License
icetotgd is free open source software covered by the permissive MIT
license. See LICENSE for details.
* Known bugs
** icetv's guide is in UTC, and is crudely converted to AEST,
this needs to be nicer.
** TGD files are appended to - this probably isn't necessary,
because the ice guide is in sequence, but it means they
should be empty or nonexistent before this converter is run.
** The data in TGD files needs to be sorted, something like this:
% for f in *tgd ; sort -n $f > z/$f
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