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This Octopress plugin is pretty simple. You have to use the spotify liquid tag and, as param, one of the examples you'll find in the blog post where I talk about the plugin.

In the next release it will let you specify the height and the width of the widget. I hope it won't take very long :)


Just download the spotify_play.rb file into your Octopress installation's plugins/ directory and you'll be fine.

Adding a single track

spotify spotify:track:4vVE8YDntxjT0gld4bdd4x

Adding an album

spotify spotify:album:2B9q4KPjOEYu885Keo9dfX

Adding a playlist

spotify spotify:user:mrc2407:playlist:1O9JUUKiMqA8LXahz61fCH

Adding some independent tracks

spotify spotify:trackset:PREFEREDTITLE:5Z7ygHQo02SUrFmcgpwsKW,1x6ACsKV4UdWS2FMuPFUiT,4bi73jCM02fMpkI11Lqmfe