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Drupal Coding Standards Sniffer for PTI
More infos about this "Project":
Eclipse :
Eclipse PTI (Php Tools Integration) :
- Install Eclipse
- Install PTI Plugin
- Configure PTI:
- Open Eclipse preferences -> PHP Tools -> PHP Codesniffer:
- Add a new "CodeSniffer Standard" - choose this library
- Activate the library by checking the checkbox next to its name.
- Make sure the Standard Tab Widht configuration is set to 0. Otherwise you won't get notified about evil tabs in the code.
Now you'll have a PHP Tools entry in the right click menu in the navigator.
Or you can just hit "Validate" within the right click menu of a file.
- Disable the autorun of validators to save performance.
- Configure the "CodeSniffer Standard" to use per project.
This is still a draft!!
Please cross check with and if the validation is correct
Known Issues:
Documentation Tags just rarly supported - there are many missing / disabled sniffs
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