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// Two Custom functions to parse XML from external feeds. The first one is used to return an associative array from an XML document, and the second one gets the data via CURL and returns the array. The rest is up to you!!
function xml2array($contents, $get_attributes=1) {
if(!$contents) return array();
if(!function_exists('xml_parser_create')) {
//print "'xml_parser_create()' function not found!";
return array();
//Get the XML parser of PHP - PHP must have this module for the parser to work
$parser = xml_parser_create();
xml_parser_set_option( $parser, XML_OPTION_CASE_FOLDING, 0 );
xml_parser_set_option( $parser, XML_OPTION_SKIP_WHITE, 1 );
xml_parse_into_struct( $parser, $contents, $xml_values );
xml_parser_free( $parser );
if(!$xml_values) return;//Hmm...
$xml_array = array();
$parents = array();
$opened_tags = array();
$arr = array();
$current = &$xml_array;
//Go through the tags.
foreach($xml_values as $data) {
unset($attributes,$value);//Remove existing values, or there will be trouble
//This command will extract these variables into the foreach scope
// tag(string), type(string), level(int), attributes(array).
extract($data);//We could use the array by itself, but this cooler.
$result = '';
if($get_attributes) {//The second argument of the function decides this.
$result = array();
if(isset($value)) $result['value'] = $value;
//Set the attributes too.
if(isset($attributes)) {
foreach($attributes as $attr => $val) {
if($get_attributes == 1) $result['attr'][$attr] = $val; //Set all the attributes in a array called 'attr'
/** :TODO: should we change the key name to '_attr'? Someone may use the tagname 'attr'. Same goes for 'value' too */
} elseif(isset($value)) {
$result = $value;
//See tag status and do the needed.
if($type == "open") {//The starting of the tag '<tag>'
$parent[$level-1] = &$current;
if(!is_array($current) or (!in_array($tag, array_keys($current)))) { //Insert New tag
$current[$tag] = $result;
$current = &$current[$tag];
} else { //There was another element with the same tag name
if(isset($current[$tag][0])) {
array_push($current[$tag], $result);
} else {
$current[$tag] = array($current[$tag],$result);
$last = count($current[$tag]) - 1;
$current = &$current[$tag][$last];
} elseif($type == "complete") { //Tags that ends in 1 line '<tag />'
//See if the key is already taken.
if(!isset($current[$tag])) { //New Key
$current[$tag] = $result;
} else { //If taken, put all things inside a list(array)
if((is_array($current[$tag]) and $get_attributes == 0)//If it is already an array...
or (isset($current[$tag][0]) and is_array($current[$tag][0]) and $get_attributes == 1)) {
array_push($current[$tag],$result); // ...push the new element into that array.
} else { //If it is not an array...
$current[$tag] = array($current[$tag],$result); //...Make it an array using using the existing value and the new value
} elseif($type == 'close') { //End of tag '</tag>'
$current = &$parent[$level-1];
function get_xml($url) {
$ch = curl_init($url);
curl_setopt($ch, curlOPT_HEADER, 0);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
$data = curl_exec($ch);
$news = xml2array($data);
return $news;
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