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Commits on May 12, 2013
  1. resolve merge

Commits on May 10, 2013
  1. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #1803 from bebugz/patch-1

    robbyrussell authored
    gentoo linux support
Commits on May 9, 2013
  1. @bebugz

    gentoo linux support

    bebugz authored
Commits on May 1, 2013
  1. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #1774 from kevinxucs/sublime-default-2

    robbyrussell authored
    Change sublime text path select priority on mac.
  2. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #1779 from lorn/fasd_update

    robbyrussell authored
    Cache for fasd --init
Commits on Apr 30, 2013
  1. @lorn

    Cache for fasd --init

    lorn authored
    Using cache technique for faster fasd --init as shown at:
Commits on Apr 29, 2013
  1. @kevinxucs

    Change sublime text path select priority on mac.

    kevinxucs authored
    User changed symbolic link for sublime binary is now top priority,
    since this allows users to actually specify which version of sublime
    they want to use. Sublime text 2 binary has higher priority over
    sublime text (3) binary, since sublime text 2 is considered more
Commits on Apr 24, 2013
  1. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #690 from essembeh/master

    robbyrussell authored
    Adding ~/.ssh/config parsing for host list and theme.
  2. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #1254 from systemfreund/master

    robbyrussell authored
    Added completion plugin for "Go" compiler
  3. @robbyrussell

    Spin to bundler

    robbyrussell authored
  4. @robbyrussell
  5. @robbyrussell
  6. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #1633 from alec-c4/master

    robbyrussell authored
    rails4 plugin
  7. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #917 from agate/patch-1

    robbyrussell authored
    added "publish" and "track" command completion for git-flow plugin
  8. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #1091 from jmazzi/patch-1

    robbyrussell authored
    Improve README; Instructions for handling updates
  9. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #1102 from drnic/git-config

    robbyrussell authored
    More git aliases
  10. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #1225 from bobmaerten/patch-1

    robbyrussell authored
    vagrant uses 'ssh-config' command, not 'ssh_config'
  11. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #711 from jasongill/textmate-plugin-improvement

    robbyrussell authored
    Improvements to the tm command in the TextMate plugin
  12. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #424 from hackedy/fix

    robbyrussell authored
    use /home/ryan/d/.oh-my-zsh instead of ~/.oh-my-zsh for cache
  13. @robbyrussell
  14. @robbyrussell
  15. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #922 from sbfaulkner/master

    robbyrussell authored
    patch rbenv support for themes
  16. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #1053 from cwoodcox/master

    robbyrussell authored
    Added a neat theme called half-life. It's pretty and quite functional.
  17. @robbyrussell
  18. @robbyrussell

    Updating the README file

    robbyrussell authored
  19. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #1088 from avit/avit-theme

    robbyrussell authored
    avit theme
  20. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #818 from jmacdonald/master

    robbyrussell authored
    Alias for 'git diff'
  21. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #1569 from ZeroKnight/master

    robbyrussell authored
    Better custom theme loading
  22. @robbyrussell
  23. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #1223 from bigjust/master

    robbyrussell authored
    Basic Virtualenv plugin
  24. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #1620 from hreese/gpg-agent_with_sensible_ssh-agent

    robbyrussell authored
    Disable ssh-agent support in gpg-agent-plugin if another ssh-agent is already available.
  25. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #1490 from khrt/master

    robbyrussell authored
    Added support for Subversion 1.7 for SVN plugin
  26. @robbyrussell

    Merge pull request #1565 from serdardalgic/autoenv-plugin

    robbyrussell authored
    Add autoenv plugin, which adopts using Kenneth Reitz's autoenv.
  27. @robbyrussell
  28. @robbyrussell
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