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# What this is

These are my notes, as I work through the Wizard book to gain a greater understanding of the core concepts behind programming.

##### My background

To give an idea of my background, I work mainly as a front end developer with javascript, and html, but I also use photoshop and illustrator, along with the occasional foray into ruby, python and using linux on the commandline to set up servers and whatnot. So basically everywhere BUT actual, 'proper' programming.

##### Why I'm doing this

With no formal training in this area, I often feel like this is a pretty gaping hole in my skillset; and seeing as javascript, python and ruby both take a lot of the ideas from lisp, my hope is that learning where these came from will make me a better programmer.

I'm expecting to generate lots of embarassing code and schoolboy errors initially, but hey, starting out crappy is better than not starting at all, and I can only really get better from here...