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This uses the TfL API to plot the approximate live locations of
all the trains on the London Underground.
It is very hacky. Built on top of many-years-old code, with
many hacks to get things working. But here it is anyway. Feel
free to improve, it shouldn't be hard!
Possible TODOs
* Fix the remaining stations that are misplaced, consolidate all
the station/ line information into one authoritative file.
* Locate the Depots, Sidings and other non-station places they can be.
* Improve station canonicalisation.
* Occasionally more than one train on a line with the same ID (e.g.
saw two 477s on Northern this morning), the code currently munges
them together leading to an oddly-behaving train;
* A couple of trains do do weird things in the data, rushing from
one end to another and back - is this in the source or is the
script that reads the source making a mistake somehow?
* Are 000 ID trains to be trusted?
* Initial placement of trains assumes constant inter-station journey
time. Locate a file of journey times and use that instead. (Doesn't
matter /too/ much as the front end code will get the train to the
next station at the right time, hopefully.)
* Store history of live API results so can be used for "Approaching"
trains to know where they were, and for moreuses than that.
* Much improve the front end so e.g. it fetches updates every couple
of minutes via AJAX and (because most trains are IDed) can fix the
train locations automatically. Currently, you won't really get any
updates to actual locations (as opposed to computed locations)
without hitting refresh.
Matthew Somerville
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