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An examination of Open Science by looking at terms and categories in use
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Join the chat at An examination of Open Science by looking at terms and categories in use


The mapping will be done in short iterative rounds of work.

The initial process is to map terms being used in Open Science. At the same time as listing terms top level categories for disciplines and fields will be added, as well as other groupings as they arise.

Once a significant number of terms have been gathered a number of rounds of sorting can be carried out to create: taxonomies, a thesaurus, and a glossary.

The sorted terms can then be examined for alignment to ontologies such as in VIVO and to library classifications systems: Gemeinsame Normdatei (GND) and Library of Congress Classification (LCC).

For each term a number of example instances will be collected, like - websites, projects, or institutions etc. – these would then be used in consultations with partners to validate the terms being added.

The collected Open Science taxonomy can then be queried, visualizations made, compared and used with other Open Science mapping data sources, or used in workshops. Examples uses would be to look at quality levels of technical infrastructures in the different areas being mapped, or levels of training and policy guidance.


To be done - Test Visualisations in Graphvis and D3


D3 JavaScript lib

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