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Minify Release History
Version 2.1.5
* Removed XSS vulnerability
* Disabled builder bby default
* command line tools to minify and rewrite URIs in CSS
* upgrade (optional) JSMin+ library
* more efficient JS minification when using CC/YUIC
* Closure Compiler uses cURL when allow_url_fopen is off
* Missing file notices when using groups
Version 2.1.4
* Option to minify JS with Closure Compiler API w/ JSMin failover
* Cookie/bookmarklet-based debug mode. No HTML editing!
* Allows 1 file to be missing w/o complete failure
* Combine multiple groups and files in single URI
* More useful HTML helpers for writing versioned URIs
* More detailed error logging, including minifier exceptions
* Builder offers more helpful messages/PHP environment warnings
* Bypass minification based on filename pattern. e.g. foo.min.js / foo-min.css
* JSMin won't choke on common Closure compiler syntaxes (i+ ++j)
* Better caching in IE6
* Cache ids are influenced by group/file names
* Debug mode for Javascript doesn't break on common XPath strings (Prototype 1.6)
* Removed annoying maxFiles limit
* mbstring.func_overload usage is safer
Version 2.1.3
* HTTP fixes
* ETag generation now valid (different when gzipped)
* Vary header always sent when Accept-Encoding is sniffed
* Cache-Control no longer has "must-revalidate" due to webkit bug
* Dropped deflate encoding. Browser and proxy support could be buggy.
* File cache now works w/o setting $min_cachePath
* Allow setting contentType in Minify_Source objects
* No more 5.3 deprecation warnings: split() removed
Version 2.1.2
* Javascript fixes
* Debug mode no longer confused by "*/*" in strings/RegExps (jQuery)
* quote characters inside RegExp literals no longer cause exception
* files ending in single-line comments no longer cause code loss
* CSS: data: URLs no longer mangled
* Optional error logging to Firefox's FirePHP extension
* Unit tests to check for common DOCUMENT_ROOT problems
* DOCUMENT_ROOT no longer overwritten on IIS servers
* Builder app doesn't fail on systems without gzdeflate()
* APC caching class included
Version 2.1.1
* Bug fix release
* Detection and workarounds for zlib.output_compression and non-PHP encoding modules
* Zlib not required (mod_rewrite,, can still be used for encoding)
* HTML : More IE conditional comments preserved
* Minify_groupUri() utility fixed
Version 2.1.0
* "min" default application for quick deployment
* Minify URI Builder app & bookmarklet for quickly creating minify URIs
* Relative URIs in CSS file are fixed automatically by default
* "debug" mode for revealing original line #s in combined files
* Better IIS support
* Improved minifier classes:
* JS: preserves IE conditional comments
* CSS: smaller output, preserves more hacks and valid CSS syntax,
shorter line lengths, other bug fixes
* HTML: smaller output, shorter line lengths, other bug fixes
* Default Cache-Control: max-age of 30 minutes
* Conditional GETs supported even when max-age sent
* Experimental memcache cache class (default is files)
* Minify_Cache_File has flock()s (by default)
* Workaround for Windows mtime reporting bug
Version 2.0.2 beta (2008-06-24)
* Fast new cache system. Cached files served almost 3x as fast.
* Dropped support of compress encoding (though HTTP_Encoder still supports it)
Version 2.0.1 (2008-05-31)
* E_STRICT compliance (Cache_Lite_File).
Version 2.0.0 (2008-05-22)
* Complete code overhaul. Minify is now a PEAR-style class and toolkit
for building customized minifying file servers.
* Content-Encoding: deflate/gzip/compress, based on request headers
* Expanded CSS and HTML minifiers with test cases
* Easily plug-in 3rd-party minifiers (like Packer)
* Plug-able front end controller allows changing the way files are chosen
* Compression & encoding modules lazy-loaded as needed (304 responses use
use minimal code)
* Separate utility classes for HTTP encoding and cache control
Version 1.0.1 (2007-05-05)
* Fixed various problems resolving pathnames when hosted on an NFS mount.
* Fixed 'undefined constant' notice.
* Replaced old JSMin library with a much faster custom implementation.
Version 1.0.0 (2007-05-02)
* First release.
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