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Change the color of active Tabs
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Vivaldi Change Tab Color

I think there is not enough difference between the active and not active tab coler of the dark theme in vivald. So this project changes the active tab color of the dark theme.

You can find the german description here


How to install

Automatically (Linux only)

If you are in Linux, you can clone this repo and run



Go to Vivaldi installation folder

  • Linux: /opt/vivaldi/resources/vivaldi
  • macOS: /Applications/ Framework.framework/Versions/VERSION/Resources/vivaldi
  • Windows:
    • User app: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\Application\VERSION\resources
    • System app: C:\Program Files\Vivaldi\Application\VERSION\resources

Copy custom.css inside style subfolder and custom.js into the root installation folder. Make a backup of browser.html and then edit it.

  • Inside the head element add
<link rel="stylesheet" href="style/custom.css" />
  • Inside the body element add
<script src="custom.js"></script>
  • Save the file and you are done!

How to uninstall

Automatically (Linux only)

If you want to uninstall the changes done by this program you can run

./ -u


./ --unpatch

Program help

Get script usage information by running

./ -h


./ --help

Extended version for Arch Linux

After every update, you have to redo the steps above. To do this automatically, you can install a pacman hook (vivaldi-patch.hook) in arch. The install does this automatically. You can run it with or without a destination directory:



./ /path/to/install

Default is /opt/vivaldi-patch

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