Vivalidi browser captures popup? #62

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mrcoles commented Jan 5, 2017

via flyingrhino -

Hi, Firstly - LOVE YOUR WORK !!!
Thank you very much for making our lives so much happier with this wonderful extension.

Secondly, a small bug - Using Vivaldi browser (win8.1 and Linux mint 17.3 xfce), when I make the capture, it always has the pacman message box at the top right of the final image.
A possible solution is to capture the first part of the screen BEFORE displaying the pacman , then display it as you scroll.
This can be implemented by adding a small delay before displaying the pacman. In order to satisfy users who are not affected by this bug, the delay can be user-configurable in the settings from 0 mSec to ?? mSec .

Bug appears on every page I try to capture.
If you need me to upload/email you example screenshots, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks again !


@mrcoles Thanks with you nice screen capture chrome extension. One thing I want to know, how to add the header to chrome extensions?

mrcoles commented Jan 9, 2017

@colorfulberry I would include that on a separate issue. Are you asking to represent the browser itself, e.g., the address bar, back button, etc.?

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