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Model module for node for use with both mongodb and mysql.

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$ npm install moodle


Create model (example file)

    var db    = require('your-mongo-instance');
    var Model = require('moodle');

    var User = new Model('User');'mongodb')
            function() { 
                // Return your mongo instance with selected collection
                return db.users 

     * Define attributes
    User.attr('_id', 'ObjectId');

    User.attr('username', 'String')

    User.attr('permissions', 'Object');

    User.attr('password', 'String')

    User.attr('last_login', 'Date')

    User.attr('status', 'Bool')

    modules.export = User;

Using the model

    var User = require('./models/user');

     * Save new
    var user = new User();

        wheel: true
    }); {
        if (err) throw err;

        user._id(); // return the generated _id
        // _id


     * Update model
    User.findOne({_id: "51519576d2381d38df000003"}, function(err, user) {
        if (err) throw err;

        user.last_login(new Date()); {
            if (err) throw err;

     * Find multiple
    User.find({status:true}, function(err, users) {

        for (var user in users) {
            if (user instanceof User)
                // true



Supported storages

Supported attribute types

  • String
  • Integer
  • Bool
  • Enum
  • Id
  • ObjectId
  • Object
  • Array
  • Date


Attribute API


Set an alias name for this attribute. It will be used for the error messages.

Returns the Attribute object for chaining.

.required(/* bool */)

Set this attribute as requirement. If a field is not required and not undefined, it will be validated. Otherwise, if it's required, it will be validated in every case.

Returns the Attribute object for chaining.

.validator(/* function(self, value) {} */)

Add your own function to validate a field. This function is called with two parameters, the current attribute instance and the value. Errors have to be pushed to self.errors.


function(self, v) {
    if (!v instanceof Array) {
        self.errors.push("Not a valid array: "+v);

Returns the Attribute object for chaining.

.default(/* mixed */)

Set the default value of this attribute. If a value is undefined, the default value is used.

Returns the Attribute object for chaining.

.option(/* string */) -> only for "Enum"

Adds a possible option to this attribute. Only added options were validated.

Returns the Attribute object for chaining.

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