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I have add a few commits to allow for use with active record version for rails 4


I haven't been able to get the specs to pass with Active Record 4.

that's true i did not really find time to run the specs.. at work i was pressed for time to get the integration (existing rails 4 app) working before this friday... i will try and find time to run the specs during the week.. Lets see this as a start to supporting rails 4..
BTW @evgenyrahman, @mrcsparker and others thanks for all the great work here..


I'll take a look again when I'm back at work, and will explore what can be done to get Rails 4 support going. We can work on this together, and if we are successful, we can have a different pull request, with the updated code, which will enable Rails 4 support for this adapter.


Awesome!! Count me in.. but i need to keep these commits for now as my app needs these.. for bundler to install properly..


all you should need to do (assuming the teradata adapter code base based on a recent adapter code) is to remove the 2 lines limiting usage with AR-JDBC 1.3.x which is AR 2.3 - 4.x compatible :

s.add_dependency 'activerecord-jdbc-adapter', '<='
s.add_dependency 'activerecord', '<= 3.2.13'

... so the hard work should already be done :)

also AR-JDBC now declares activerecord as a dependency thus I would completely remove that line and maybe limit s.add_dependency 'activerecord-jdbc-adapter', '>= 1.3.0', '<1.4.0' if you test it against 1.3.x just to keep it stable

@kares kares added a commit to kares/activerecord-jdbcteradata-adapter that referenced this pull request Feb 17, 2014
@kares kares rails 4.0 "pre-liminary" support
means using AR-JDBC 1.3.x and not limiting activerecord gem to 3.2.x

closes #15
see mrcsparker#15 (comment)

Using AR-JDBC 1.3.x seems to cause several specs for this adapter to fail and basic functionality like SELECT and INSERT to break. So if we are going to modify the gemspec to allow for AR-JDBC 1.3.x , we should update the code for this adapter to be sure that all specs pass with that version of AR-JDBC.


@kengimel and @RobGoretsky, thanks so much for your work and your comments.

I am working on a rails 4.x version of this gem. The current tests are close to passing. I also use the main activerecord test framework to test against

@kengimel, I would like to help with the teradata-ar code. I started writing a C driver, and the client I was working with was using Java and I was working with Ruby devs. At the end, using Java was easy to deploy and had real threads, so it was a great choice. That being said, a native Ruby driver would be nice to have.

@RobGoretsky: the code is just about ready. If I can't get it 100% there I will create a branch and we can work on it together.


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