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I have been using the AR JDBC Teradata adapter to load data into previously existing tables in my database. In some cases, these tables do not have a standard Auto-Incremented "ID" column. For example, we could have a "Posts" table that has a "post_id" primary key that is set manually by my script.

This adapter had been mostly working for me in these cases, but I found that I was hitting an Exception when loading data that contained a string that had more than three periods in it.

I dug into the code, and found what looks to be a bug - on line 140 of lib/arjdbc/teradata/adapter.rb, we are calling last_insert_id and passing it the complete SQL statement. This looks to be incorrect, as the last_insert_id method actually expects a table name. I found that using the _table_name_from_insert(sql) method resolved this and made my spec now properly pass.

After making this change I ran all of the existing specs and they all continue to pass.

Rob Goretsky Create a new test case wherein we have a table with no auto-increment…
…ed primary key. Fix bug in adapter code that looks up PK based on the SQL when it should be passing the table name
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Thanks for merging this in! Will you be releasing an updated gem to rubygems at some point with this?

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