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Moving configuration from conf to packages-init

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1 parent e22970a commit 1271238c059da845f354aa556045eb46052e86ab @mrcsparker committed Sep 22, 2013
0 conf/rhtml-mode.el → el-get-user/packages-init/init-rhtml-mode.el
File renamed without changes.
0 conf/yaml-mode.el → el-get-user/packages-init/init-yaml-mode.el
File renamed without changes.
2 init.el
@@ -7,8 +7,6 @@
(load "conf/conf")
(load "conf/cucumber")
(load "conf/ruby-mode")
-(load "conf/rhtml-mode")
-(load "conf/yaml-mode")
(load "conf/css-mode")
;(load "conf/textmate")
(load "conf/theme")

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