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The Meanwhile Project
Christopher (siege) O'Brien <>
Meanwhile is a library for connecting to a LIM (Lotus Instant
Messaging, formerly Lotus Sametime, formerly VPBuddy) community. It
uses a protocol based in part off of the IMPP draft(*1), and in part
off of traces of TCP sessions from existing clients.
Meanwhile-python is a set of Python wrappers for the Meanwhile library
The gaim-meanwhile plugin allows Gaim to connect to a Lotus Sametime
(tm) community using a compiled-in version of libMeanwhile.
See INSTALL for instructions on building and installing
Meanwhile and Meanwhile-python are released under the LGPL. See
LICENSE for the full license text and terms.
Meanwhile-gaim is released under the GPL
(*1) draft-houri-sametime-community-client-00.txt submitted to the
IETF as a draft proposal for the IMPP working group charter.