A ruby wrapper for the Tika jar (tika-app-1.9.jar) that extracts text in a lot of formats from PDF, xls, doc, etc files
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Ruby Tika Parser


This is a simple frontend to the Java Tika parser command line jar / app.

It is the same as running:

java -server -Djava.awt.headless=true -jar tika-app-0.10.jar FileToParse.pdf

with options like --xml, --text, etc.


To install, add ruby_tika_app to your Gemfile and run bundle install:

gem 'ruby_tika_app'

Note about installation

RubyTikaApp is a pretty big gem since it includes the ruby-tika-app jarfile. It might take a while to install.


First, you need Java installed. And it needs to be in your $PATH.


require 'ruby_tika_app'

rta = RubyTikaApp.new("sample_file.pdf")

puts rta.to_xml # <xml output>

# You also get to_json, to_text, to_text_main, and to_metadata



bundle exec rspec spec/

NOTE: Since we are using an underlying java library to connect to external URLs we can't use a standard mocking library. The test suite starts a rack-based web server.


Fork on GitHub and after you've committed tested patches, send a pull request.