A live search plugin for jQuery.
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This is a jQuery plugin that turns any textbox into a live search, or a “searchbox”.



That’s it, really. There are a few configuration options:

  • url – a GET request is sent to this url (default: ‘/search’)
  • param – the actually parameter that gets sent to the server (default: ‘query’)
  • dom_id – the element that gets updated with the results (default: ‘#results’)
  • delay – the keystroke delay (default: 100 ms)
  • loading_css – the css for an ajax spinner/loading bar (default: ‘#loading’)

So, customizing each config option might look like this:

  url: '/your/search/url',
  param: 'q',
  dom_id: '#thumbnails',
  delay: 250,
  loading_css: '#spinner'


There are a few places you can hook into the plugin by binding a function to specific events. Here are the events:

  • init.searchbox – triggered once when the plugin code executes
  • before.searchbox – triggered right before the search is performed
  • after.searchbox – triggered right after the search completes

Here’s an example of how to make use of them:

$(document).bind('init.searchbox', function() { ... })


© 2009 Ryan Heath, released under the MIT license