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@@ -386,24 +386,6 @@ so that you can use it like this or modify it, in the way you want, according to
+ ``Ctrl + A`` -> *Display* the **About window**.
This program, ``mmp`` version **3.0**, was written on an ``Ubuntu 16.10`` distribution.
Then adapt to:
* **Windows 7 (64 bits)**, and compiled with a native ``x86_64-w64-mingw32-g++`` compiler.
* **MacOS Sierra**, and compiled with the g++ compiler.
So some functionalities are not available on some portages, very sorry !
:Windows: This program was tested on a **Windows 7 64 bits** system and should work on **Windows** versions **>= 7**.
:MacOS: This program was tested on a **Mac OS** *Sierra*, I don't know about retro-compatiblity and future O.S release compatiblity.
mmp supported filetypes:

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