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NASA/CSA Space Apps 2019 Challenge: Radi-AB, radiation exposure monitor for Canada
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Radiation exposure across Canada. Presented to the NASA/CSA Space Apps 2019 Challenge.

Online demo is available at and

User manual

  1. Select a date from the drop-down menu.
  2. If you want to get more detail of a particular city, select the city by clicking on the city pin on the map.
  3. You can click the radio button on the left side of the map to remove some types of radiation.
  4. There will be a pie chart showing different types of natural radiations resident of that city was exposed on that particular date. Along with that neutronic radiation level on ISS will also be available.
  5. You can select some checkboxes under the heading ‘Are you going to do any of these activities?’, and the pie chart will update accordingly to let you know what will be radiation increment by doing the options selected.


Copyright 2019 Radi-AB team (Mohammad-Reza Daliri, Chanpreet Singh, Dulong Sang, Gurbani Baweja).

Web app developed by Mohammad-Reza Daliri based on data prepared by other team members.

Photos and logos used are copyrighted by their authors and legal owners.

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