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The Maven Yamlpom Plugin supports the use of YAML to implement the Maven POM. It keeps both versions in sync, allowing other tools to continue to use XML while giving the developer the simplicity of a human-readable, YAML pom.


You can download the jars, source, and javadocs from the Maven 2 repository:
bq. http://twdata-m2-repository.googlecode.com/svn/org/twdata/maven/maven-yamlpom-plugin/

Example YAML Maven POM

This is the pom.yml used for this project:

groupId: org.twdata.maven
artifactId: maven-yamlpom-plugin
version: 1.0-SNAPSHOT
packaging: maven-plugin
name: YAML POM Plugin
  - { groupId: org.apache.maven, artifactId: maven-plugin-api, version: 2.0 }
  - { groupId: SnakeYAML, artifactId: SnakeYAML, version: 1.1 }
  - { groupId: commons-io, artifactId: commons-io, version: 1.4 }
  - { groupId: dom4j, artifactId: dom4j, version: 1.4 }
  - { groupId: junit, artifactId: junit, version: 3.8.1, scope: test }
  - { groupId: xmlunit, artifactId: xmlunit, version: 1.2, scope: test }
    - artifactId: maven-compiler-plugin
        source: 1.5
        target: 1.5
  - id: snakeyaml
    name: SnakeYAML repository
    url: http://snakeyamlrepo.appspot.com/repository