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README: Forgot the new shaders credit.

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@@ -81,6 +81,7 @@ This code creates a scene, then creates a camera, adds the camera and cube to th
* Added `LineDashedMaterial`. ([alteredq](
* Added `.setContextStyle` to `Color`. ([greyscales](
* Corrected normal matrix calculations. ([WestLangley](
+* Added `KaleidoShader`, `MirrorShader` and `RGBShiftShader`. ([felixturner](
* Added area weighted vertex normals computation to `Geometry`. ([alteredq](
* Moved geometry.materials to `MeshFaceMaterial`. ([gero3](, [alteredq]( and [mrdoob](
* Removed `materials` and `sides` from `CubeGeometry`. ([mrdoob](

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