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Collada keyframes animations #1787

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I've got a problem using keyframe animations (nothing plays).

  • I can have an animation using morphTargets, however it's not smooth
  • A collada viewer show the right animation (so it doesn't seems to be an export issue)
  • If I use pump.dae instead of export.dae, I see the animation
  • If I use export.dae instead of pump.dae in the example file, I don't see the animation

Am I missing something ?

Related repository with minimal code (in order to see textures, you will have to active l27) :



No ideas ?

Maybe @AddictArts could understand what's (not) happening ? :<


I thought that question my come next after fixing the texture issue, doh! The pump is not "rigged", no bones, and export.dae is right? It has a skin controller and that implementation is buggy, broken, or has pieces missing. The ColladaLoader needs some help for good skinning support. If you can get keyframes without the rigging at least for exporting to COLLADA it should work. Not sure in Blender how you do that if at all and what the limitations might be. Might it be called baked animation? not sure.


Actually I'm not sure to understand : is my model using unimplemented features ?

I think I've got the keyframes (in the morphTargets array), but it's not very smooth (we clearly see the animation frames). Nevermind, for the time I'll using it, it should be enough for my purposes. Thanks ! : )


I believe it is more of an incomplete implementation for the COLLADA side compared to the Blender three.js exporter, although I have not done any investigation to back that up.

The comment in the example webgl_loader_collada.html is more what I am referring to and I think explains why it is not smooth for you, no interpolation.

// guess this can be done smarter...
// (Indeed, there are way more frames than needed and interpolation is not used at all

For the pump we implemented a KeyFrameAnimation class which does interpolation and implemented the corresponding support in the ColladaLoader. For COLLADA files with bones, "skin_controller", it does not use the KeyFrameAnimation class. This could probably be changed, but not implemented.

Thank you.

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