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Callback for controls and event.preventdefault configuration from outside #2427

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I have started to work with three.js in the past couple of days, and must say, very impressive! :)
It's good to see the finally the possibility to create top quality 3D apps directly for the browser is a reality...

I have two requests so far, maybe they don't make much sense, but here they are anyway:

  • ability to have a callback function for the controls: when a position or rotation or lookat changes, we should have a callback function. This is good for stuff that reacts on player position change (e.g. multiplayer sync)
  • I see currently the event.preventdefault is commented out in the controls, which makes sense, but it would still be nice to have a parameter to enable this.

I know I could just as have edited the three.js source myself (actually I did, locally), but having these features by default make it easier to upgrade to a newer version.



There is a change event being dispatched in relevant controls.

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