Abelnation RectAreaLight with ltc approximation #10041

merged 77 commits into from Nov 9, 2016


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sam-g-steel commented Nov 6, 2016 edited

Brought the code up to date so it can be merged without conflict.


aallison and others added some commits May 7, 2016
aallison sketch of spherical distributions with linearly transformed cosine 4211453
aallison adding prelim example sketches for cosine dists 681ebff
aallison makeSkew method added a0bf9a7
aallison Merge branch 'skew-transform' into polygonal-light-shading-linear-tra…
aallison add polygon light sandbox example to repo for reference ac5780d
aallison formatting 08349ec
aallison notes files 890e2fd
aallison adding skeleton files for area point light f164a6d
aallison debug directional light integrated into area light example page 3c8b7e2
aallison initial AreaLightHelper functional in example 9b45012
aallison makeShape functions for Polygon and add as choices to example 086b350
aallison annotating TODO's with name. partial work on AreaLight shader components b612011
aallison adding TODOs and placeholders for all places where AreaLight code nee…
…ds to be added
aallison fix typo bab7274
@abelnation abelnation RectAreaLight shading works in preliminary fashion 0a474ed
@abelnation abelnation updates to example a349d2f
@abelnation aallison Preliminary RectAreaLight implementation (no shadows, no distance/decay) 32b03a9
@abelnation abelnation Integrate RectAreaLight with MeshStandardMaterial 5af26a2
@abelnation abelnation moving rectarealight brdf data to an example file. rest of implementa…
…tion left in place
@Mugen87 @mrdoob Mugen87 TubeBufferGeometry: Removed invisible char (#9943) 948e457
@magnus-bergman @mrdoob magnus-bergman Remove reference to THREE in IcosahedronGeometry.js (#9945)
Fix broken references to THREE namespace in geometries.
@mrdoob Updated builds. 41db3ed
@mrdoob Updated package.json. c1454a1
@sam-g-steel sam-g-steel Merge branch 'polygonal-light-shading-linear-transformed-cosines' of h…
…ttps://github.com/abelnation/three.js into abelnation-polygonal-light-shading-linear-transformed-cosines

# Conflicts:
#	src/renderers/WebGLRenderer.js
#	src/renderers/shaders/ShaderLib.js
#	src/renderers/shaders/UniformsLib.js
#	src/renderers/shaders/UniformsUtils.js
#	src/renderers/webgl/WebGLLights.js
#	src/renderers/webgl/WebGLProgram.js
#	utils/build/includes/common.json
#	utils/build/includes/extras.json
#	utils/build/includes/math.json
@sam-g-steel sam-g-steel Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/mrdoob/dev' into abelnation-pol…
@sam-g-steel sam-g-steel Resolved some issues from the first merge ebdbf1e
@sam-g-steel sam-g-steel Added demo from #9234
Noticed that the code from @abelnation is not his latest...
more merging to come!!!
@sam-g-steel sam-g-steel Merge branch 'rect-area-light-with-ltc-approximation' of https://gith…
…ub.com/abelnation/three.js into abelnation-rect-area-light-with-ltc-approximation

# Conflicts:
#	examples/files.js
#	examples/webgl_lights_rectarealight.html
#	src/extras/helpers/RectAreaLightHelper.js
#	src/lights/RectAreaLight.js
#	src/renderers/WebGLRenderer.js
#	src/renderers/shaders/ShaderChunk/bsdfs.glsl
#	src/renderers/shaders/ShaderChunk/common.glsl
#	src/renderers/shaders/ShaderChunk/lights_lambert_vertex.glsl
#	src/renderers/shaders/ShaderChunk/lights_pars.glsl
#	src/renderers/shaders/ShaderChunk/lights_phong_pars_fragment.glsl
#	src/renderers/shaders/ShaderChunk/lights_template.glsl
#	src/renderers/shaders/ShaderChunk/shadowmask_pars_fragment.glsl
#	src/renderers/shaders/ShaderLib.js
#	src/renderers/shaders/UniformsLib.js
#	src/renderers/webgl/WebGLProgram.js
#	src/renderers/webgl/WebGLPrograms.js
#	src/textures/Texture.js
#	test/unit/lights/RectAreaLight.tests.js
#	utils/build/includes/common.json
#	utils/build/includes/extras.json
@sam-g-steel sam-g-steel Fixed issues from merge db5150c
@sam-g-steel sam-g-steel Fixed issues from merge...
webgl_lights_arealight improved
RectAreaLightHelper update bugs fixed
@sam-g-steel sam-g-steel Removing built js files that cause conflicts da9f651
@sam-g-steel sam-g-steel Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/mrdoob/master' into abelnation-…

# Conflicts:
#	build/three.js
#	build/three.min.js
#	build/three.modules.js
@takahirox @sam-g-steel takahirox Use FileLoader.setMimeType() from MMDLoader (#9990) a7b9eb5
@takahirox @sam-g-steel takahirox MMDPhysics improvement (#9989)
* MMDPhysics improvement

* Add property defined check
@mrdoob @sam-g-steel Shoe physic bodies in mmd example by default. 1fd94db
@mrdoob @sam-g-steel Updated builds. ba055a2
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee Improved documentation for constants / Materials (#9993) bd0b62c
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee Improved documentation for Materials / Material (#9994) 8f97b6b
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee Added defaults to docs / perspectiveCamera (#10007) a87843c
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee added constanst / animation (#10005) e79efd3
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee Fixed error in <head> for Docs / AnimationAction, AnimationClip, and …
…AnimationMixer (#10004)
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee Added default values for zoom, near and far properties of docs / orth…
…ographic camera (#10006)
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee Improved documentation for Constants / Textures (#10001)
* Improved documentation for Materials / Material

* Moved Texture Combine Operations to constanst / materials

* updated Basic, Lambert and Phong .combine property to point to Material constant page

* Improved documentation for constants / textures

* Added Encoding constants to Textures constants page
@takahirox @sam-g-steel takahirox Ccdik solver optimization (#10010)
* Optimize CCDIKSolver

* Remove lines I should have not commit

* Remove lines I should have not committed
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee added missing toJSON method (#10020) 575cfb5
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee Added missing toJson method (#10019) 46daa85
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee added missing toJSON method (#10018) 6e8b3df
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee created documentation for VideoTexture (#10016) 8e14505
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee Created doc for CanvasTexture (#10015) 504bc72
@takahirox @sam-g-steel takahirox Add CCDIKHelper (#9996)
* Add CCDIKHelper

* Clean up MMDPhysics.js

* Fix typo
@Dadadah @sam-g-steel Dadadah Update OBJLoader.html (#10009)
Spelling correction.
@sehcheese @sam-g-steel sehcheese Fix typo in comment (#10021) f2b912d
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee Improved documentation for docs / Texture (#10012)
* Improved documentation for docs / Texture

* Removed duplicate needsUpate
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee Improved docs for Clock (#10008) 175ff4d
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee Created new document page Constants / Renderer (#10002)
* Created constants / renderer

* renamed Renderer.html to WebGLRenderer.html
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee Improved documentation for CompressedTexture (#10014) 9e773c6
@mrdoob @sam-g-steel AudioContext: Added getContext() and setContext(). 7f898aa
@mrdoob @sam-g-steel Updated builds. cf4d1be
@mrdoob @sam-g-steel Simplified AudioContext. 19deae5
@mrdoob @sam-g-steel Updated builds. b9c6772
@mrdoob @sam-g-steel BufferAttribute.onUpload() clean up. e472a84
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee Renamed docs /constants / WebGLRenderer to Renderer (#10028) f02b875
@makc @sam-g-steel makc fixes #10026 (#10027) 2634e8f
@aardgoose @sam-g-steel aardgoose capture bufferAttribute.array properties at first upload (#9972)
* save typed array info in attribute properties

* use saved attribute properties

* remove unused variable
@aardgoose @sam-g-steel aardgoose Discard attribute typed arrays for buffered geometries that are not m…
…odified after initial rendering (#9512)

* add setDiscardBuffer method to BufferGeometry

* added discard support to BufferAttribute

* add mechanism for discard of BufferAttribute TypedArrays

* use more elegant method for creating dummy typed array.

* fix typo

* Update BufferGeometry.js

fix brain fade

* rework to use callbacks (phase 1)

* rework part 2

* remove build file

* support setting onUploadCallback from Geometry

* remove repeated calculation from renderer

* remove now redundant getter

* remove geoemtry interface

* document discard mechanism.

* merge fixes

* restore return.this

* drop unneeded call()

* rename discard() method to disposeArray()
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee Improved documentation for WebGLRenderer (#10030)
* added missing methods

* Finished add methods

* redid changed to WebGLRenderer.html
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee removed unused texture.sourceFile property (#10024) 2fd57b3
@mrdoob @sam-g-steel glTFLoader: Removed hack. See #10024. 4d2c4fc
@mrdoob @sam-g-steel Updated builds. 9f0ea59
@BrianSipple @sam-g-steel BrianSipple add link to project wiki in README.md (#9987) 1f77f6d
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee Added deprecated msg/fixed link (#10025) fa28786
@looeee @sam-g-steel looeee Created documentation for DepthTexture (#10017)
* Created documentation for DepthTexture

* pulled upstream

* added missing comma to docs/list.js
@mrdoob @sam-g-steel Deprecated UniformsUtils. See #8016. acce6a6
@mrdoob @sam-g-steel Updated builds. db90e29
@WestLangley @sam-g-steel WestLangley MeshBasicMaterial: Add support for lightMap (#9975) c6ba731
@mrdoob @sam-g-steel Updated builds. ae4fcc4
@sam-g-steel sam-g-steel Merge branch 'dev' of https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js into abelnat…

# Conflicts:
#	build/three.js
#	build/three.modules.js

awesome awesome! thanks for putting in the work to get this working with the latest updates!

mrdoob commented Nov 7, 2016 edited

Would it be possible to not include the builds in the PR?

There is also a ton of things that I would like to remove (mainly the whole examples/polygon_light_example/ folder) but I'm happy to do that myself after merging.

mrdoob commented Nov 7, 2016

Actually, seems like it has no conflicts, so I'll merge and do the clean up.

@mrdoob mrdoob merged commit 346f38c into mrdoob:dev Nov 9, 2016
mrdoob commented Nov 9, 2016


@sam-g-steel sam-g-steel deleted the unknown repository branch Nov 9, 2016

Glad I could help!
Can't wait for v83

@aardgoose aardgoose referenced this pull request Nov 9, 2016

remove THREE prefixes #10066

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