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The files under this directory are NOT under MIT license, but other licenses.
If you want to use them in your work, get original archive file, read readme,
and follow their licenses.

1. Vocaloid stuffs

You are allowed to use Crypton's Vocaloid(Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, and so on)
stuffs (MMD models, songs, and so on) only if you follow the guideline set by
Crypton Future Media, INC. for the usage of its characters.

For detail, see http://piapro.net/en_for_creators.html

2. MMD stuffs

In MMD, there is no unified license. If you want to use MMD assets (models,
songs, dances, and so on), read readme included in the original archive file
and follow the license the author set.

If the assets are fan works, you must follow the original work's license. (For
example, you also need to follow the license set by Crypton, not only the
license the author set, to use a fan Miku MMD model)

For your information, generally MMD assets are very restricted to use.

Most MMD assets are NOT allowed for
- redistribution
- porn use
- commercial use
- etc.

Think that what is not written in readme is not allowed.

Takahiro  https://github.com/takahirox