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Use the correct normals for maya exports with more than one mesh

Includes a few other minor refactorings. Fixes #5252
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plug-ins Use the correct normals for maya exports with more than one mesh
scripts Maya Exporter Maya Exporter

Three.js Maya Export

Exports Maya models to Three.js' JSON format. Currently supports exporting the following:

  • Vertices
  • Faces
  • Normals
  • UV sets
  • Shaders/Materials
  • Per-Face material indices
  • Diffuse Maps
  • Specular Maps
  • Bump/Normal Maps
  • Bones
  • Skins (configurable influences per vertex)
  • Skeletal animation
  • Morph Target/Vertex Cache animation
  • Multiple Characters per scene


Install pymel. Though the docs are way out of date, the process described still works as of 2014.

Copy the scripts and plug-ins folders to the appropriate maya folder, where maya-version is your current version of Maya (eg. 2013-x64).

  • Windows: C:\Users\username\Documents\maya\maya-version
  • OSX: ~/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/maya-version
  • Linux: /usr/autodesk/userconfig/maya/maya-version

After that, you need to activate the plugin. In Maya, open Window > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager and enable the checkboxes next to


Use the regular Export menus within Maya, select Three.js.

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