R functions to split concatenated data, conveniently stack columns of data.frames, and conveniently reshape data.frames.
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R functions to split concatenated data, stack columns of your datasets, and convert your data into different shapes.

Core Functions

  • cSplit: A core function that collects the functionality of several of the concat.split family of functions.
  • cSplit_f: A fast way to split columns of data where you know each row would result in the same number of values after being split.
  • concat.split: A set of functions to split strings where data have been concatenated into a single value, as is common when getting data collected with tools like Google Forms. (cSplit_l to return a list; and cSplit_e to return an "expanded" view of the input data.)
  • Stacked: A function to create a list of stacked sets of variables. Similar to melt from "reshape2", but doesn't put everything into one very long data.frame.
  • Reshape: A function to allow base R's reshape function to work with "unbalanced" datasets.
  • stratified: A function to take random row samples by groups, similar to sample_n and sample_frac from "dplyr".


  • getanID: A function for creating a secondary ID when duplicated "id" variables are present.
  • expandRows: "Expands" the rows of a dataset.
  • listCol_l and listCol_w: Unlists (long) or flattens (wide) a column in a data.frame or a data.table stored as a list. Neither is vectorized.


The package is on CRAN. You can install it using:


To install the development version, use:

install_github("mrdwab/splitstackshape", ref = "devel")

Current version: 1.4.2