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A commandline interface for Jenkins.


  • Queries the current status of jobs in parallel.
  • Can trigger Jenkins builds from the commandline.
  • Visualizes the status of jobs and nodes.
  • Can diff the output two runs.
riffraff is a commandline interface for Jenkins

  riffraff [command]

Available Commands:
  build       Trigger build for all matching jobs
  diff        Print a diff between two builds of a job
  help        Help about any command
  log         Show the logs of a job
  nodes       Show the status of all Jenkins nodes
  open        Open a job in the browser
  queue       Show the queue of all matching jobs
  status      Show the status of all matching jobs

  -h, --help      help for riffraff
      --salt      Show failed salt states
  -v, --verbose   Verbose mode. Print full job output

Use "riffraff [command] --help" for more information about a command.


go get

...or download a static binary from the releases page.

Getting started

You need to set the following environment variables:

export JENKINS_URL=""
export JENKINS_USER="username"
export JENKINS_PW="password"

You might want to put those into your ~/.bashrc, ~/.zshrc or equivalent.


riffraff status jenkins-job-name

This will print the current status of all Jenkins jobs matching the given pattern (jenkins-job-name in this case). You can use any regular expression for that, e.g.:

riffraff status "^application-.*-unittests$"

You can get the full output of each last job matching the pattern with

riffraff status -v "^application-.*-unittests$"


  • Install golang version 1.11 or later for go modules support
  • Clone this repository to a directory in your $GOPATH/src tree (recommended) or usego get -u (uses https not SSH)
  • In the source folder run go run main.go to install modules and run riffraff
  • If you don't have a Jenkins server you can run it by using its .war file (recommended) or installing its .deb file


The tool is named after the butler from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and not the rapper with the same name ;-).


Logo design: Franziska Böhm (CC-BY-SA)