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A Windows Application to read and copy Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 (With LVM) Partitions from Windows.
C++ C Objective-C QMake
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resource added new resource files.
README README file added
about.ui some cleanups
app.rc final cleanup for release 2.1
ext2about.cpp code cleanups.
ext2about.h code cleanups.
ext2copyfile.cpp Linux LVM2 support added.
ext2copyfile.h BUG FIX:
ext2explore.cpp few fixes and add few log messages
ext2explore.h few UI fixes few UI fixes
ext2explore.qrc added new resource files.
ext2explore.ui few UI fixes
ext2fs.cpp Merge branch 'master' of
ext2fs.h Linux LVM2 support added.
ext2progress.ui started working in LVM2 support.
ext2properties.cpp BUG FIX:
ext2properties.h code cleanups.
ext2read.cpp Fix a problem with extent walking
ext2read.h added a method to return the total no of disks detected
log.c fixed log.c to use vsnprintf to prevent buffer overflow.
lvm.cpp few fixes and add few log messages
lvm.h few fixes and add few log messages
main.cpp code cleanups.
partition.h new development of ext2read 2.1
parttypes.h Fix a problem with extent walking
platform.h added logic to support Ext4 Extents. Only B+ tree of depth 0 is suppo…
platform_dos.c new development of ext2read 2.1
platform_unix.c code cleanups.
platform_win32.c Fix a problem with extent walking
properties.ui some cleanups


we are pleased to announce a new version of our ext2read project

Simple UI designed using QT4.
View/Read Ext2/ext3/ext4 partitions.
Linux LVM2 Support.
Ext4 Large File support (untested).
Recursively Copy the entire folder or even /
Support for external USB disks.
Support for disk and filesystem  images. For eg. Wubi users can just
open their root.disk file through this program.
LRU based Block cache for faster access.
Unicode support.

If you find any bugs, have any questions or comments. Please let us know.

The executables and sources can be downloaded from

If any of you are interested in joing this project, you can join the
mailing list and discuss. Join from here

Enjoy reading your files.

NOTE: This program must be run as Administrator. right click the file
and select run as Administrator.
This is not a transparent file system driver jusr a user space tool.
The LVM2 metadata can be complex because of the wide variety of configuration posibilities. All configurations has not been tested. If Lvm2 does not work in your system, please file a bug with your LVM2 metadata.
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