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update changelog for v0.1.7d

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+ * reworked the in-game hook code again, squeezing out a couple more CPU
+ cycles - compatibility improved further
+ * BS-X: new bsx page file by LuigiBlood!
+ - contains a proper channel map, notably fixes Fuurai no Shiren: Surara o
+ sukue and most likely more games
+ - enables a great number of town features
+ * BS-X: better detection for script-type ROMs (e.g. various magazines)
+ * Cx4 SKIP instruction timing sped up a bit. Core felt a bit too slow.
+ (this is a makeshift "fix" until I implement the proper Cx4 instruction
+ timing I recently figured out)
+ * fixes:
+ - fixed occasional black screen after soft reset (L+R+Select+Start)
+ - in-game hook memory area visibility quirks fixed in various situations,
+ notably fixes BS Kirby no Omochabako: Pinball
+ - BS-X: fix PSRAM corruption on SNES WRAM writes, fixes a number of
+ games, notably BS Kirby no Omochabako: Pinball (tough one)
+ - PPU2 H/V count odd/even read flag is reset on ROM load, this fixes
+ games that depend on it when run after games that leave it in a dirty
+ state - notably audio glitches and freezes in Super Punch-Out when run
+ after Fuurai no Shiren.
+ - SPC Player: Fixed a long-standing transfer corruption bug that occurred
+ because the original bulk transfer routine didn't account for CPU stalls
+ by HDMA (which is abundant in the sd2snes menu). This fixes occasionally
+ missing instruments, corrupted samples etc.
+ - fixed an occasional deadlock on bootup where the menu would hang at the
+ "Loading..." screen.
+ - fixed hard freeze when selecting a file immediately after disabling the
+ "Hide file extensions" option
+ - fixed persistent hard freeze in recent games list handling when running
+ games with long path names (> ~120 characters)
+ - revert DAC I2S timing to pre-v0.1.7c behaviour, hopefully reducing audio
+ glitches for sd2snes Rev.G units
+ - fixed corrupted file list display after playing an SPC file with a
+ scrolled file name
+ * cosmetic changes:
+ - "Loading" window is replaced by status bar notification to be less
+ disruptive with very short load times
+ - configuration settings no longer have the wrong color when changed
* reversed changelog order =)

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