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Writing an interpreter for the Monkey πŸ’ language in Dart
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Writing an Interpreter for the Monkey πŸ’ Language in Dart

Build Status

A fully working interpreter for the Monkey programming language as known from the book Writing an Interpreter in Go, written in Dart.

Install Monkey and start the REPL

With one command, you can install the monkey binary:

$ pub global activate monkey_lang
Downloading monkey_lang 0.9.1...
Installed executable monkey.

Now you can run monkey from anywhere you want!

$ monkey
Hello! This is the Monkey programming language!
Feel free to type in commands
>> let answer = fn(){ 6*7; };
>> answer()

Run the test suite

$ pub run test
00:00 +42: All tests passed! 

Format + analyze the code

$ ./
Formatting directory lib/:
Formatting directory test/:
Analyzing [.]...
No issues found

Go ahead and have fun with Monkey!

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