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Mark Reid in the Matrix


Eventually this page will contain links to most of the research and non-research related programming I've done.

Demos ===== [Mutli-armed Bandits](/code/bandits/) : This JavaScript demo allows you to configure and run a multi-armed bandit game and plot the resulting rewards for a variety of agents.
Tools ===== [Feed Bag](/code/feed-bag.html) : This is a simple ruby script that parses and normalises RSS feeds, storing the resulting entries in an SQL database.
Other Hacking ===================== [Plain Text Wiki](/code/plain-text-wiki.html) : I extended Matt Webb's original [Plain Text Wiki][] with a few modifications of my own. I use it to manage the content on this site. [ICML Trends][icml] : I wrote some ruby scripts to scrape, stem and analyse the last 20 years of ICML paper titles. Some [interesting trends][icml] turned up. [PhD Thesis Template for LyX][lyxthesis] : I used the excellent LaTeX front-end [LyX][] to write my PhD dissertation. To have the result conform to [UNSW][] standards I wrote a LyX layout that adds a UNSW title page, copyright and originality statements as well as ensuring that margins, _etc._ are correct. [Bibdesk To LyX][bibdesktolyx] : To help integrate LyX and the excellent (and free!) Mac OS X BibTeX manager [BibDesk][] I wrote a small amount of AppleScript to push selected citations in the latter to the former. [Jekyll][] : I have contributed some minor improvements (Maruku markup, categories, permalink options) to the static blog engine [Jekyll][] which, coincidentally, I use to run this site. [Instiki][] : I was one of the contributors to the [Instiki][] codebase. I helped streamline and extend the parser that handles the wiki markup.
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