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+I use [TextMate][] as my Clojure editor along with the [Clojure bundle][] created by [nullstyle][].
+It's probably overkill for what I need since that bundle includes a working installation of Clojure (_i.e._, it doesn't call the `clj` I discuss here). I edit in TextMate and then run sessions and scripts from the Terminal. All I'm really taking advantage of is the syntax-highlighting, auto-formatting and the online help (`^H`).
+There are other options around such as Clojure modes for Vim and Emacs but I haven't tried them.
+[clojure bundle]:
In Closing
I wrote these notes mainly to document the sometimes frustrating processes of getting a flexible, easy-to-use Clojure environment set up. The "[Getting Started][]" page at the main [Clojure][] site are great for getting a REPL up and running but didn't help me at all when it came to using other jars and clojure-contrib. Of course, if I'm doing something here that is patently stupid, please let me know in the comments.
+I keep a shorter version of these notes with more concise step-by-step instructions at the [GitHub repository][github] for this set up.
Hopefully, this short introduction will make it easier for others to get up and running with this great new language.
-[getting started]:
+[getting started]:
+* _1 April 2009_: Added notes about the editor I use and link to my Github repository.
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