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unit OXmlLng;
Ondrej Pokorny,
All Rights Reserved.
MPL 1.1 / GPLv2 / LGPLv2 / FPC modified LGPLv2
Please see the /license.txt file for more information.
Language definitions for OXml library.
OXmlLng_InvalidCData: String = '"%s" is not a valid CData text.';
OXmlLng_InvalidText: String = '"%s" is not a valid text.';
OXmlLng_InvalidComment: String = '"%s" is not a valid comment text.';
OXmlLng_InvalidPITarget: String = '"%s" is not a valid processing instruction target.';
OXmlLng_InvalidPIContent: String = '"%s" is not a valid processing instruction content.';
OXmlLng_InvalidAttributeName: String = '"%s" is not a valid attribute name.';
OXmlLng_InvalidElementName: String = '"%s" is not a valid element name.';
OXmlLng_InvalidCharacterInText: String = 'The character "%s" cannot occur in text.';
OXmlLng_InvalidCharacterInAttribute: String = 'The character "%s" cannot occur in attribute.';
OXmlLng_InvalidStringInText: String = 'The string "%s" cannot occur in text.';
OXmlLng_InvalidCharacterInElement: String = 'The character "%s" cannot occur in element header.';
OXmlLng_InvalidAttributeStartChar: String = 'An attribute cannot start with the character "%s".';
OXmlLng_EqualSignMustFollowAttribute: String = 'Equal sign must follow the attribute "%s".';
OXmlLng_AttributeValueMustBeEnclosed: String = '"%s" attribute value must be enclosed in quotes.';
OXmlLng_TooManyElementsClosed: String = 'Too many elements closed.';
OXmlLng_UnclosedElementsInTheEnd: String = 'There are unclosed elements in the document end.';
OXmlLng_WrongElementClosed: String = 'Trying to close wrong element. Close="%s", open element="%s".';
OXmlLng_InvalidEntity: String = '"%s" is not a valid entity.';
OXmlLng_ReadingAt: String =
'Reading at:'+sLineBreak+
'Line: %d'+sLineBreak+
'Char: %d'+sLineBreak+
'XML token line: %d'+sLineBreak+
'XML token char: %d'+sLineBreak+
'Position in source stub: %d'+sLineBreak+
'Source stub:'+sLineBreak+
OXmlLng_XPathPredicateNotSupported: String = 'XPath predicate "%s" is not supported.'+sLineBreak+'XPath: %s';
OXmlLng_XPathPredicateNotValid: String = 'XPath predicate "%s" is not valid.'+sLineBreak+'XPath: %s';
OXmlLng_XPathNotSupported: String = 'XPath is not supported.'+sLineBreak+'XPath: %s';
OXmlLng_AppendFromDifferentDocument: String = 'You can''t append a node from a different XML document.';
OXmlLng_InsertFromDifferentDocument: String = 'You can''t insert a node from a different XML document.';
OXmlLng_InsertEqualNodes: String = 'Node to insert and reference node can''t be equal.';
OXmlLng_ParentNodeCantBeNil: String = 'Parent node can''t be nil.';
OXmlLng_ParentNodeMustBeNil: String = 'Parent node must be nil.';
OXmlLng_NodeToDeleteNotAChild: String = 'You can''t delete a node that is not a child of current node.';
OXmlLng_NodeToInsertNotAChild: String = 'You can''t insert node before a node that is not a child of current node.';
OXmlLng_NodeMustBeDOMDocumentOrElement: String = 'Node must be a DOMDocument or an element.';
OXmlLng_CannotSetText: String = 'You can''t set the text property of this node. Use NodeValue instead.';
OXmlLng_ChildNotFound: String = 'Child not found.';
OXmlLng_ListIndexOutOfRange: String = 'List index out of range.';
OXmlLng_FeatureNotSupported: String = 'This feature is not supported.';
OXmlLng_CannotWriteAttributesWhenFinished: String = 'You can''t add an attribute %s="%s" when the element header ("%s") has been finished.';
OXmlLng_CannotSetIndentLevelAfterWrite: String = 'You can''t set the IndentLevel after something has been already written to the document.';
OXmlLng_NodeNameCannotBeEmpty: String = 'Node name cannot be empty.';
OXmlLng_XPathCannotBeEmpty: String = 'XPath cannot be empty.';
OXmlLng_CannotWriteToVirtualMemoryStream: String = 'You cannot write to a TVirtualMemoryStream.';
OXmlLng_CannotUndo2Times: String = 'Unsupported: you tried to run the undo function two times in a row.';
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