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Objective-C library for Apple Push Notification Service Provider (APN)
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This Project is ARC enabled and based on OpenSSL

How to build a static openssl library for iOS and Mac OS

More Informations about Apple Push Service


NXAPNServiceProvider *connection = [[NXAPNServiceProvider alloc] initWithCertificate: @"/path/to/apns_cert.pem" 
                                                                      keyPEMFilePath: @"/path/to/apns_key.pem" 
                                                                            password: @"my apns passwd"
                                                                             sandbox: YES];

[apns pushTextMessage: @"Test Text Message" 
          deviceToken: @"4a8e6c8f 4a8e6c8f ..."
               expire: -1 // Never expire
               result: ^(BOOL successfully, int error) {
                            NSLog(@"Push Message send");

//Or use NXAPNotification
NXAPNNotification *notification = [NXAPNNotification new];

//Default Text Message
[notification setAlertMessage: @"I have a message for you"];
//Or use
[notification setAlertMessageWithBody: @"I have a message for you body"
                         actionLocKey: @"The Slider Value" 
                               locKey: @"LocalizableKey" 
                      locKeyArguments: @"my argument" 
                          launchImage: @"image_.png"];

//Optional call
[notification setBadgeCount: 1];
[notification setSoundFile: @"beep.wav"];
[notification setAcme1:@"bar"];
[notification setAcme2: 42];

[apns pushNotification: notification 
           deviceToken: @"4a8e6c8f 4a8e6c8f ..."
                expire: 1440 // 1440 minutes, expire in one day 
                result: ^(BOOL successfully, int error) {
                              NSLog(@"Push Message send");

[connection checkServiceFeedback: ^(NSTimeInterval timeIntervalSince1970, NSString *deviceToken) {
    NSLog(@"Drop Token: %@", deviceToken);

[connection close: ^{
    NSLog(@"Provider closed with no pending messages.");
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