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+Building the Native libraries
+Download the Android NDK (latest release as of now is r5). Follow the instructions on the website.
+To make things easier, add the directory where you unpacked the NDK to your path:
+`export PATH="$PATH:<path to your ndk directory"
+You use the `ndk-build` script provided there to compile everything needed.
+From the project root, use these steps:
+`$ cd jni`
+`$ ndk-build`
+Reconfiguring (autoconf)
+Generated headers for the dependent libraries have been checked in so you should not need to
+reconfigure them. If you do for some reason, you may follow these instructions.
+WARNING: This will likely break things as sources have been customized to work on Android.
- Setup some environment variables to make this easier:
- `export NDK=<path to your NDK directory>`
`export JDK_HOME=<path your JDK directory>`
- Configure libiconv:
`cd jni/libiconv-1.13.1; ./configure`
- Configure proj:
@@ -22,17 +40,13 @@ Building
- Configure javasqlite:
`sudo apt-get install libsqlite3-dev`
`cd jni/javasqlite-20110106; ./configure --with-jdk=$JDK_HOME`
`$JDK_HOME/bin/javac SQLite/ SQLite/ SQLite/ SQLite/ SQLite/ SQLite/ SQLite/`
`$JDK_HOME/bin/javah -o native/sqlite_jni.h SQLite.Database SQLite.Vm SQLite.FunctionContext SQLite.Stmt SQLite.Blob SQLite.Backup SQLite.Profile`
-- Build the native compoenents:
- `$NDK/ndk-build`

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