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APIInfo Plugin (x86) - A Plugin For x64dbg

Current version: - Last updated: 26/06/2016 There is no x64 version of this plugin currently.


A plugin to populate the comments with windows api calls

Note: APIInfo plugin has been superseded by ThunderCls's xAnalyzer plugin.

xAnalyzer supports both x86 and x64 versions of x64dbg.

For more information, please visit:


  • Add windows api function definition information to the comments

How to install

  • If x32dbg (x64dbg 32bit) is currently running, stop and exit.
  • Copy the APIInfo.dp32 to your x64dbg\x32\plugins folder.
  • Extract which contains the .api definition files to the x64dbg\x32\plugins folder.
  • Start x32dbg

How to use

  • Set the required detail level in the APIInfo options dialog (from the plugins menu, APIInfo Options)
  • Select Generate API Information from the plugins menu (or from the right click context menu in the CPU View)
  • Wait till the information has been generated - hopefully you should see some API definitions show up in the comments now


The API defintion files are created with a utility called ApiCreator (currently unreleased) which takes a selected windows sdk header file and parses it, outputting the function definitions into a file which uses a standard .ini format

Each function name is the stored as a section name, the key values for parameters, parameter count and full definition (key '@') are stored under this section name for easy retrieval with standard win32 api calls: GetPrivateProfileString & GetPrivateProfileInt Some of the definition files have to be manually fixed up afterwards, so there may be errors or omissions. If you require a specific api file generated, feel free to contact me.

The comments where APIInfo thinks there is a parameter may be incorrect in some cases.

There isnt an x64 version of the plugin at this time due to the differences in calling conventions for 64bit, and would require considerable more time than i can spare to look into ways of maybe generating this info.