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CopyToAsm Plugin (x64) - A Plugin For x64dbg

Current version: - Last updated: 05/03/2018 For the x86 version of this plugin, visit here


A plugin to copy a selected disassembly range in the x64dbg cpu view tab and convert to a masm compatible style assembler code and output to clipboard or the reference view tab.


  • Copy selected range to assembler style code.
  • Outputs assembler code to clipboard or reference view.
  • Adds labels for jump destinations.
  • Adjusts jump instructions to point to added labels.
  • Indicates if jump destinations are outside selection range.
  • Code comments to indicate start/end and outside range.
  • Options to adjust comments and label outputs.
  • Format hex values as C style (0x) or Masm style.
  • Registered commands: CopyToAsmClip (ctac) and CopyToAsmRef (ctar)


How to install

  • If x64dbg (x64dbg 64bit) is currently running, stop and exit.
  • Copy the CopyToAsm.dp64 to your x64dbg\x64\plugins folder.
  • Start x64dbg