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The ModernUI_CaptionBar is a control set at the top of your window / dialog, that comprises of a rectangle containing the caption text or title of the window / dialog, along with one or more system buttons. System buttons are typically minimize, maximize, restore and close.

The ModernUI_CaptionBar control is automatically aligned to the top of the window dialog, and spans the width of it. The control will automatically adjust the width when the window / dialog is resized, via the system buttons (min/max/restore), double clicking the caption bar itself (toggles between maximized and restored) or programmatically via ShowWindow or other win32 api calls.

For the x64 version of the ModernUI_CaptionBar control, visit here.

Setup ModernUI_CaptionBar

  • Download the latest version of the ModernUI_CaptionBar and extract the files. The latest release can be found in the Release folder, or via the releases section of this Github repository or can be downloaded directly from here.
  • Copy the file to your masm32\include folder (or wherever your includes are located)
  • Copy the ModernUI_CaptionBar.lib file to your masm32\lib folder (or wherever your libraries are located)
  • Add the main ModernUI library to your project (if you haven't done so already):
includelib ModernUI.lib
  • Add the ModernUI_CaptionBar control to your project:
includelib ModernUI_CaptionBar.lib

ModernUI_CaptionBar API Help

Documentation is available for the ModernUI_CaptionBar functions, styles and properties used by the control on the wiki: ModernUI_CaptionBar Control