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The ModernUI_ProgressBar is a progress bar control like the standard win32 progress bar control, except it provides ease of use and more customizable features, like color of the progress fill, the progress unfilled area and border.

For the x64 version of the ModernUI_ProgressBar control, visit here.

Setup ModernUI_ProgressBar

  • Download the latest version of the ModernUI_ProgressBar and extract the files. The latest release can be found in the Release folder, or via the releases section of this Github repository or can be downloaded directly from here.
  • Copy the file to your masm32\include folder (or wherever your includes are located)
  • Copy the ModernUI_ProgressBar.lib file to your masm32\lib folder (or wherever your libraries are located)
  • Add the main ModernUI library to your project (if you haven't done so already):
includelib ModernUI.lib
  • Add the ModernUI_Button control to your project:
includelib ModernUI_ProgressBar.lib

ModernUI_ProgressBar API Help

Documentation is available for the ModernUI_ProgressBar functions, styles and properties used by the control on the wiki: ModernUI_ProgressBar Control