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The ModernUI_SmartPanel is an invisible control - it is only shown during design time (if using the RadASM design-time dll for the ModernUI_SmartPanel). Its purpose is to host other dialog panels, and facilitate moving between dialog panels seemlessly. It can also provide a slide effect when changing from one panel to another.

The ModernUI_SmartPanel control can also control the painting of the background for the dialog panels that are registered with it. Additionally it will adjust each panel's style at registration so that it is flat, borderless and without a caption, and set the DS_CONTROL flag for its style. If using IsDIalogMessage in your message loop, the ModernUI_SmartPanel control can store the handle of the currently used dialog panel, in a variable that can be used with the IsDialogMessage during the event loop, so that you can provide tabbing between controls of the hosted dialog panel's controls.

For the x64 version of the ModernUI_SmartPanel control, visit here.

Setup ModernUI_SmartPanel

  • Download the latest version of the ModernUI_SmartPanel and extract the files. The latest release can be found in the Release folder, or via the releases section of this Github repository or can be downloaded directly from here.
  • Copy the file to your masm32\include folder (or wherever your includes are located)
  • Copy the ModernUI_SmartPanel.lib file to your masm32\lib folder (or wherever your libraries are located)
  • Add the main ModernUI library to your project (if you haven't done so already):
includelib ModernUI.lib
  • Add the ModernUI_SmartPanel control to your project:
includelib ModernUI_SmartPanel.lib

ModernUI_SmartPanel API Help

Documentation is available for the ModernUI_SmartPanel functions, styles and properties used by the control on the wiki: ModernUI_SmartPanel Control