Driver Development Kit for x64 UASM assembler
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Driver Development Kit for x64 UASM assembler


  • Download and install UASM
  • Download and install UASM-with-RadASM
  • Download the latest release of UASM-DDK. The latest release can be found via the releases section of this Github repository as Source code (zip)
  • Extract the contents into an existing installation of UASM installation (rename any folders required so that it matches the following folder structure):
  • The UASM-DDK contains an extra folder, which has has a folder structure similar to a RadASM installation that uses UASM.
    • Copy the extra\RadASM\UASM64.ini file into your \RadASM\ folder overwriting any older versions.
    • Copy the extra\RadASM\UASM64\Templates\*.tpl files to your \RadASM\UASM64\Templates folder.
  • Create a new RadASM project and specify UASM64 as the assembler. Choose Driver64 as the project type.
  • Assemble and link your new driver.
  • Test-Sign your driver by using the sign.bat file or by choosing the Compile Resource make menu option (which does the same thing by running the sign.bat file)

Additional Resources