Directory / Config for Yeoman + Require + Backbone + SASS + Bootstrap + Mocha + Testacular
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Directory / Config for Yeoman + Require + Backbone (with validation, model binding, and deep model support) + SASS + Bootstrap + Precompiled Dust Templates + Mocha + Testacular

What is it?

A skeleton framework for using the stack outlined above.


There is some config work that needs to be done to get all of these pieces working together correctly - especially the require/testacular integration. I did all of the work, so if you find this repo you can reap the benefits.

What else do I need?

In order for this to be of any use to you, you'll also have to install:

As well as some other Yeoman dependencies, but it'll guide you through those.

Backbone Packages

Also See


Once you have the dependencies installed, go to the directory where you installed this in your command line and type grunt testacular, open a new console tab, and type grunt server

Or if you already have some other preferred way of doing these types of things (sublime maybe?) - then use that.