A Tapestry 5 application that helps people find Tapestry components, mixins, pages and modules
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This is a Tapestry 5 web application intended to make it easier to find Tapestry-compatible components, mixins, pages and modules. Its database includes entries not only for the components that come with Tapestry, but also those components (and mixins, pages, etc) that are available in third-party modules, demo applications like JumpStart, blog posts and mailing lists.

This app has a look and feel matching the current Tapestry documentation at https://tapestry.apache.org, and the hope is that it will eventually be running under that URL and be seamlessly integrated into the official Tapestry documentation.

See the screenshots in the [wiki] (https://github.com/bobharner/Tapestry-finder/wiki)


In addition to its basic goal of helping people find Tapestry components, we also have the following more ambitious goals:

  • Serve as an example of how a polished and complete Tapestry 5 application should be designed and constructed. In that sense it is probably over-engineered, on purpose. We go to some length to minimize the use of the HTTP session, for example, despite the fact that the application is unlikely to need clustering with session replication.

  • Serve as examples of how to integrate other Apache products with Tapestry, including Cayenne, Derby and Shiro.

  • Allow the owners of the components listed to also be owners of the entries in this application, able to change those entries' contents at will.


Contributions and suggestions are welcome. You can join the project too, but because of the hope that this app will one day be an integrated part of the Tapestry web site, project members will need to have submitted a signed Apache [Contributor License Agreements] (http://www.apache.org/licenses/#clas) before joining.