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Experimenting with Git!

Does this allow commits from work?  YES

Some of the features of Cayenne include:

* A GUI (Cayenne Modeler) for mapping database tables and columns to Java
  classes and attributes, mapping relationships, generating Java classes,
  defining callback and listener life cycle events, configuring caching
  options, configuring database connection pools, reverse engineering
  databases, database schema generation, defining shared queries, and mapping
  stored procedures.

* Transactional management features (such as rollback, undo, commit) using
  Cayenne's control layer (the "context" -- described later) or optionally
  deferring to the container (such as JBoss) if in a J2EE environment.

* Query language for database-independent run-time SQL generation of SELECT
  statements (including table joins).

* Automatic generation of INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements when
  committing the object graph to the database.  Cayenne determines the order
  of operations (the dependency graph) needed to do the commit without the
  developer having to worry about the order objects were added or edited.

* Automatic transfer of database records and column data to Java objects and

* Relationship management for pre-fetching data or lazy-loading data.
  Lazy-loading is handled completely transparently by Cayenne and no special
  effort is required by the developer to make it work.

* Optimistic locking support against real data instead of version number
  columns to ensure data integrity.  When using a version number, it is
  possible an outside source (such as a database administrator or another
  application) updated a value and neglected to increment the version number.
  Cayenne can detect real data changes and prevent overwriting them by
  optimistically locking on the actual data.

* Support for multiple databases, including accessing multiple databases (even
  if the databases are from different vendors) at the same time.

* Remote Object Persistence (ROP) for client/server operation.

* XML serialization.