Toolchain for working with Notch's dcpu-16
C Haskell Assembly
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This is a VM and Assembler project for Notch's DCPU-16 computer.

More information about the game can be found here:
And more information about DCPU-16 here:

This VM and assembler are not yet complete.  The assembler does not output the 
correct compiled code for every case, and the VM has a few quirks too.  However,
they are usable for small programs as of right now.  The test.asm program in
the project's root directory is an example of a program that currently properly

As mentioned in the dcpuvm.c source file, some of the VM code has been adapted 
and/or copied from Brian Swetland in accordance with the BSD license.  

His code along with the license can be found here:

A few other notes:

The VM is written in C, and currently requires GCC to compile.  The assembler is 
written in Haskell and requires the GHC Haskell compiler and the Cabal tool to 
properly compile.  If you have these programs installed and in your path, then 
the MAKEFILE will handle building the executables and locating them in the root 
directory of the project.

Example usage:
    ./dcpu-asm test.asm
    ./dcpu-vm test.hex