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Color Converter - Tool for programmers and designers to convert and pick colors.
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Color Converter

Color Converter is an Android app to pick, display and convert colors.

Download Color Converter from Google Play:

More infos on our homepage:


  • Pick colors
  • Get name of picked colors
  • Display picked colors in different formats (RGB, HEX, HSV)
  • Generate random colors
  • Pick color from a photo / image
  • Save / load colors

Screenshots (Android 10)

Contribute to this project

You can contribute to this project by doing following things:

  • If you want to contribute new features, please fork this repository to your own GitHub account. Then build your awesome feature and post a pull request back to this repo. We will check your changes and merge your contribution asap.
  • If you want to add a new translation language or improve an existing translation, please write an email to:
  • If you want to submit a request for a new feature, please also write an email to:

Used third party libraries

Thanks to following people:

Thanks to all contributers and translators!

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