Easy to implement tool to manage your Lisk delegate.
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This script works for 1 or 2 servers. But preferably it is recommended to have 2 servers.
First make sure you do not have your SECRET set up in the lisk configuration (config.json).


- You need to have jq installed. If you are in Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install jq
- You need to have an account in mailgun.com, and have authorized recipients.
- If you want failover you need to have an extra synchronized server. 
	- In this extra synchronized server go to config.json and enter in whitelist (api & forging) the IP of the node you are backing up.
	- In this extra synchronized server after you edit config.json please reload your node lisk node to activate the edited config.json
	- Do the same in your main node, edit the config.json and reload your server.

#Installation Execute the following commands on your delegate node server:

cd ~/
git clone https://github.com/mrgrshift/toolisk
cd toolisk/
bash install.sh

install.sh will ask you for everything it needs from you to start to operate.
Also it will ask you for mailgun account to handle your notifications.
If you dont want notifications please execute: bash install.sh --alerts-off
After you complete the installation make sure you are not running other scripts.
All this scripts must be running in the folder ~/toolisk/

Before running the following scripts make sure your forging status, wait for you have forged and then start to run the scripts, this way you will have a window of time of approximately 16 minutes in case something unforeseen happens you can return to your previous scripts Before you re-forge (this way we prevent you from losing blocks)

#Localsnapshots In order to reduce the time for downloading snapshots, this script will be looking for new versions and will download them in a separate process. This is the first process after install.sh you need to run:
bash localsnapshots.sh
You can leave this script running forever, it is independent and will not affect any other script
#Scripts After you install it you can run the following scripts:

###sync_manager.sh bash sync_manager.sh This script will watch and compare your blockheight against top height. Also this script is responsible for all reload/rebuild processes. This script must be running in all your servers.

###forging_manager.sh bash forging_manager.sh Use this script only in one of your servers. This script will control forging status.
This is very important, do not run forging_manager.sh in two separate servers because you will be ending forging in two servers and will be bad for the network and your delegate.
###monitor.js node monitor.js This script will take logs/forging_manager.log and publish it in http://yournodeip:9100/ (default port 9100), this way you can monitor the status of your servers in any phone/tablet/browser.
#SSL Instalation If you want to enable SSL (recommendable) in every one of your servers run the following script:
bash localssl.sh
It will ask you for the name of your delegate and an email.
After the process finish the script will tell you what to add/change and where.
You will need to reload lisk for this changes take effect (Remember to wait for you to forge before reload).
#Important warning If you are doing manual reload/rebuild, please stop sync_manager.sh first if not the script will cause you a mess (because it will detect that you are not in the right block and will perform a rebuild).
And if you do, wait for lisk is synced again at the right blockheight before you run again sync_manager.sh

###Disclaimer Use at your own risk. Read the code and if it suits your needs you can use it.